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The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Bedroom a Relaxing Oasis

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Originally Posted by Andrea Lozoya, Porch.com on Jun 28, 2021

Your bedroom is where you spend lots of time, so it’s important to create a space that’s peaceful, calm, and inviting. We have some ideas to help you make your bedroom a relaxing oasis.

From the most soothing paint colors to lighting, bedding, temperature, and aromatherapy, there are many things you can do to enhance your sleep environment. Here are some ideas to make your bedroom a soothing place of slumber.

Reasons to Transform Your Bedroom into a Calming Oasis

There are a ton of benefits to transforming your room into a calming oasis. You’ll be more relaxed and have better sleep when you feel comfortable and at home in your bedroom. That’s not all – the benefits of better sleep and relaxation extend outside the bedroom. When you’re more well-rested, your overall health will be better and you’ll have improved productivity. A calm, clean, clutter-free bedroom means you’re able to keep better track of your belongings and have a less cluttered mindset. If you’re in a relationship, the relaxing oasis of a beautiful bedroom could improve your relationship, especially if your other half is an organized and neat person.

Clean it up

One of the most important things to encourage relaxation and calm is to make sure your space is clean. This ensures your senses won’t be overwhelmed by piles of laundry waiting to be folded and put away, shoes strewed around, dust bunnies, or piles of books waiting to be read.

Dust dressers, nightstands, ceiling fan blades, and every other surface so you’re not breathing in dust. Clear the cobwebs, and clean the floor. Keep your bed sheets and blankets clean.

Keep the floor clean. Utilize totes, shelves, a coat rack, or closet space to put your items instead of leaving them on the floor. Put shoes in their place and place your bag or backpack on a coat rack or desk. Keep the floor clutter-free to make your space seem larger, brighter, and reduce the risk of tripping over your favorite pair of shoes!

Put the laundry where it belongs. Wash your sheets at least every other week, hang clean clothes every time you wash them, and place dirty clothes in the laundry bin. Hot tip: place laundry baskets in multiple areas of your home, not just the bedroom. This way, when you dirty up bath towels or drop muddy socks in the entryway, they’ll get put in a basket instead of staying on the floor.


Decluttering your bedroom is a good way to ensure you’re not visually distracting from relaxing in your bedroom. Chaos in your home can create chaos in your mind, and that doesn’t lead to a sound night’s sleep.

Sort through your room’s items and consider which items are of actual value and which items are just taking up valuable real estate in your home. Find a home for the excess stuff. Your goal is to have a minimal amount of possessions in view.

Clear your dresser top and bedside table of all but the essentials and a few sentimental or decorative items. Go through your closet and donate what clothes, shoes, and accessories no longer fit and are in good shape or ones you haven’t worn in a while.

Don’t clutter your walls with pictures, but hang a few serene pieces of art or personal photos that bring a smile to your face.

Hide the wires. Grab clips, tape, or velcro ties, and hide any protruding wires behind the bed or dresser. Concealing these unsightly wires makes your bedroom look and feel less cluttered and reduces the risk of tripping over them.

Move the furniture around. Move the bed in accordance with feng shui principles for better sleep. If possible, put it against the wall facing the doorway, and leave space on either side of the bed for easy access. This positions the bed in a place of prominence and sets the stage for grounding, peaceful energy. Move around other furniture to give the room a fresh look — layer rugs for warmth, limit electronic devices and screens and make sure your bedside tables are no higher than the bed itself.

Cool colors

Paint the walls of your bedroom in cool, soothing colors known for helping you relax.

Pick up a color wheel from your favorite arts and crafts store, interior designer, or home improvement store, or find a color wheel online. This wheel shows primary, tertiary and other colors and their relationships with one another. The color wheel also shows warm and cool colors. It’s an important tool in picking wall colors and complementing decor colors for furnishings and accessories or less dominant walls.

When it comes to your bedroom walls, choose cool colors, which promote a calm, peaceful, soothing feeling. Cool colors include blues, blue-greens, purples, and lavenders.

Blue is a calming, serene color that helps you relax, re-balance, and clear your mind after a stressful day. Blue also helps lower blood pressure and steady your breathing. These are great aspects to help you fall asleep or unwind. You can warm cool colors by adding warm-colored accents like pillows or wall art.

Green hues invite an aura of prosperity and relaxing restoration. Green hues coax mind-clearing, composing, restful feelings. Green also is a great choice for people who love the outdoors, giving your room a natural look.

Check out our favorite relaxing bedroom colors:

  • Light Lilac

  • Pale Beige

  • Pale Blue

  • Light gray

  • Light green

You can keep neutral colors for accents, or add a dash of color. Remember, your goal in decorating is to bring an element of soothing relaxation.

Choose a Style for Your Bedroom

For the ultimate bedroom oasis, deck out your space in an interior design style that you love. There are as many styles as there are personalities, but these are a few of our favorites.

Retro, baby. Go for a vintage vibe with natural wood furniture, soft yellow bed sheets, and burnt orange walls. Pull out your macrame plant hangers, layout a shag rug, and hang some abstract art for a groovy 70’s feel.

Think floral. Add a touch of spring to your bedroom with floral wallpaper, colorful floral bed sheets, or a few flower-shaped throw pillows. Why not toss in some real flowers while you’re at it? House plants are the creme de la creme of floral decor – try pothos for its hardiness or a moth orchid for its extraordinary beauty.

Get eclectic. Can’t decide on one style? Consider eclecticism. Mix a few of your favorite interior design styles to create a decor that celebrates contrasts. Add bright pops of color, play with textures, and juxtapose the old with the new for a room that’s big on personality.

Try minimalism. Minimalist bedrooms are ultra-chic and perfect for people who don’t like clutter or are limited on space. Clean lines, a neutral color palette, and a ‘less is more’ attitude are the tenets of minimalism. Throw in a rug with a bold pattern to spice things up.


Cooldown the nighttime temperature in your bedroom for a comfortable, deeper sleep. Overheating is one of the most common roadblocks to restful sleep.

According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep experts have concluded through research that the ideal sleeping temperature is somewhere around 65 degrees. Your temperature naturally dips at night, and if your room is too warm, it can cause you to be restless during the night because it doesn’t align with your body’s natural dip in temperature.

Try experimenting with the nighttime temperature in your bedroom until you find the perfect match.

Layer your bedding so you can easily adjust your own temperature over the course of the night. You don’t want to fully wake up to adjust the blanket.

Block Out the Noise

Ah, sweet silence! Studies have shown that sleeping in silence has a positive impact on sleep quality. For those living in noisy areas or with